San Diego

Welcome to downtown San Diego's premier destination for luxury living. At World Class®, we offer upscale furnished apartments that redefine comfort and convenience in this vibrant coastal city. Whether you're here for business or leisure, our downtown San Diego properties provide an unparalleled urban escape for 30-day plus stays. Immerse yourself in the relaxed beach culture and dynamic city life, all while enjoying the indulgent comfort of your fully furnished downtown residence.
Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego combines urban energy with coastal charm, offering a vibrant mix of trendy eateries, lively nightlife, and cultural hotspots. Explore the Gaslamp Quarter, catch a Padres game, and soak up the city's captivating skyline and waterfront views.
Coronado Island
Coronado Island, a gem in San Diego Bay, enchants with its pristine beaches, charming village, and iconic Hotel del Coronado. Immerse yourself in coastal elegance, indulge in water sports, and bask in the island's idyllic beauty, creating memories that last a lifetime.
World Class® San Diego
Experience San Diego in our signature Luxe Industrial Loft and enjoy its great views and premium amenities. All World Class® properties are stocked with long term living essentials and cleaning supplies - making it a perfect home away from home.

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